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Welcome to Studio West, your go-to destination for all your creative studio needs in Duxbury, MA.


Studio West is a spacious and versatile 420sq ft natural light backyard studio. Our studio is designed with the creative community in mind, making it the perfect venue for your next photoshoot, yoga class or a workshop. This space offers a large blank canvas - perfect for your heart's desires.


Studio can be rented per hour, 2 hours, half-day (4 hours), full-day (8 hours) or EXTRA full-day (10 hours). Different options cater to different needs. We want to provide you with more convenience and accessibility to host your small creative event at Studio West.


The Space is most suitable for:

⇢ Private Photography

⇢ Commercial (Brand) Photography

⇢ Lifestyle (Content Creation)

⇢ Small (Film) Productions

⇢ Small Events (Networking/Classes/Workshops)


The Space is Not suitable for:

⇢ Parties of any sort

⇢ Large Productions

⇢ Large events


We cannot wait to welcome you to Studio West!


Quick shoot | 1 hour | $55

Mini shoot | 2 hours | $90


half day | 4 hours | $180


full day | 8 hours | $325


EXTRA full day | 10 hours | $400

Looking to host a small event or workshop?

Please contact us and we’ll chat details. All events are customized to fit your needs.


Where are you located?

Our private property backyard studio is located in Duxbury, MA


Do you have any furniture?

We have a minimal selection of furniture in the studio. There is a white couch, white chair and a wooden round table with 2 chairs, and other props. Everything you can find from the studio is for yours to use.

Can I bring in my own props?

YES! And we hope you do! The big double doors and close proximity to parking space make bringing larger pieces into the studio very easy.


Is there access to lighting equipment?

No.  Studio West is a natural light studio with south-facing windows letting the sun stream in all hours of the day. You are welcome to bring in your own lighting or reflectors. 

Is there a bathroom?

Yes, we have a bathroom inside the residence which you are welcome to use. 


Can I come in for a tour?

We'd love to show you around! Just contact us and we will set up a tour. 


Can we rent the studio for styled shoots, events, or workshops?

Yes! This studio was opened with the community in mind and we would love to see small events happening here! We’d like to keep the numbers to under 12 participants but please email us with any questions!


Can we shoot outside of the studio?

Yes, the studio is located on our private property and you are more than welcome to shoot outdoors as well! We ask that you respect the resident's privacy.


Is there a limit on the number of people in the studio?

Yes, we limit your individual bookings to 7 people. If you have special circumstances we can absolutely accommodate you. Please contact us!


What if I go over my hour?

You will be charged if you go over your scheduled timeframe. Please take into consideration while booking that you leave yourself enough time for setup, meeting with clients, cleaning up, etc. 


Can I cancel my appointment?

We do not offer cancellations or refunds, only rescheduling. You may reschedule up to 48 hours prior to your booking time.

Do you allow pets in the studio?

Yes! We LOVE furry babies, but we ask you to please email us if you are thinking of bringing someone special.



Keep your eyes open for our amazing Styled Sets and Shootouts throughout the year!


Our goal is to give you the opportunity to provide something unique and out of the box for your clients. We want you to keep your creativity and portfolio growing, and community blooming.

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