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Magical Winter Wedding in Hotel Teatro - Denver, CO

Designing florals for this intimate February "romantic-and-formal meets forest-chic" wedding was such a delight. Courtney and Ian, along with their guests, were such sweethearts and a joy to work with and around.

Courtney's dream was to have a snow filled and romantic winter wedding, but if you have spent any time in Colorado you know how fickle mother nature can be. With the guidance of Brindle & Oak, the entire wedding was planned around a timeless winter theme. No matter the weather outside, the mood inside Hotel Teatro would be warm and cozy, like sitting in front of your fireplace in your favorite chair on a cold winter night.

The day before the wedding the temperature was in the 60s and it did not seem likely that Courtney would get her wintery wedding. However, much to everyone's surprise, the next morning we woke up to a beautiful and snowy Colorado morning! It was such a special day - It snowed non-stop and I have never seen a happier bride. Courtney got exactly what she wished for; she got to marry the love of her life in a Magical Winterland Wedding.

I wish all the love in this world for Courtney and Ian!

Here are some amazing pictures from Our Two Hearts who captured the mood perfectly!

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