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Intimate Elopement in Telluride, Colorado

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Julie & Ryan had such a magical and warm elopement in Telluride, Colorado with their parents and their 14 year old pup, Marley.

Julie reached out to me a few weeks before their wedding, asking if I would be available to do her bridal bouquet, Ryan's boutonniere and Marley's collar for their elopement. She told me they would leave to Telluride on Friday morning and the ceremony would be held on Sunday. That got me slightly scared as, of course, everyone wants their wedding flowers to look their best on the day of.

There are certain flowers you can pretty much always expect to find from our designs, like roses and ranunculus, but this time, I had to explain to Julie, that I would not be comfortable risking the delicate flowers dying before the wedding. Their wedding was middle of July, when the temperature in Colorado can rise up to boiling hot and flowers can literally melt. Them being out of the cooler for 2 days, would have been too big of a risk.

Julie was so sweet and trusting, she gave me the creative freedom to design whatever I felt appropriate. Her only request was to have a King Protea included but not to make it look like a tropical bouquet, as they would be off the grid in mountainous Telluride, Colorado.

Since it was an elopement and her dress was slightly “bohemian”, I thought it would be nice to use a little more “funky” flowers than the traditional romantic blooms. Also, I had to keep in mind to use hardy enough flowers to last outside the cooler for a few days. Besides King Protea, I used Blooming Grevillea, Anthurium, Pin cushion Protea, Strawflower and Statice. It felt fantastic to step out of the comfort zone, design something unique with ingredients I don't get to use too often, and I think it turned out fantastic.

I cannot be more thankful and honored for being asked to be part of their wedding and trusted with the design.

Also, I need to thank Alyssa Reinhold for capturing this textural bridal bouquet in such a beautiful way. Her photos always makes me feel like I was actually present at the wedding.

Not to forget Steven, from Foster Creative for creating a stunning wedding video for us to see with all the drone shots of the magnificent Telluride.

"The whole experience with Lumme Creations was beyond every expectation I had. Laura was incredibly responsive, helpful, and so creative! I came to her with a few ideas and allowed her to run with it and WOW she went above and beyond all expectations. She created a gorgeous bouquet for me, a small handsome boutonniere for my husband, and the most adorable collar for our 14+ year old dog. He looked like a star!!! I really believe in Laura's creative vision and I would recommend everyone to work with her to bring your visions to life. Also note - I picked up my flowers on a Friday morning and traveled all the way to Telluride that day (7+ hours!!). We didn't have our wedding until late SUNDAY and ALL of the flowers still looked PERFECT!!! She was so thoughtful and kept these logistics in mind - using hardy, yet absolutely beautiful flowers that would last. She's a true pro!!

- Julie

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